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Islands of Qeshm - Islands of Iran
Qeshm Island:

There are four smaller islands near Qeshm Island adjacent to the Strait of Hormuz, which are called Hengam, Larak, Hormuz and Naz. Hengam Island is 33.6 sq km in area and looks like an incomplete cone which is located facing the southern coasts of Qeshm Island. It is about 92 nautical miles from Qeshm city. The island is made of lime hills and their highest point is Nax Mountains. Its biggest diameter from Old Hengam village to New Hengam village is 9 km.
The largest island of Iran in the Persian Gulf is Qeshm Island located in Hormoz strait. Qehsm Island, being a free trade zone, is of great significance for Iran.
There are several historical and natural attractions in this island such as the Kharbas Caves, Portuguese Castle, Harra Forests, Stars Valley, etc.
There are many small villages in Qeshm Island where you can see the traditional coastal lifestyles. Women's clothing is also specific to the region. The behavior, lifestyle, clothing and appearance of the locals are completely different from what you see in other cities of Iran. The city of Qeshm is a completely modernized city with modern and shining shopping malls while the people have kept their traditional trends.

Kharbas Cave:
Xarbes ( Xarbez ) Caves in Qeshm Iran -Caves of Iran
In the province of Hormozgan, in Qeshm Island there are a series of man made caves in the heights of a mountain that is named “Kharbas Cave”. The rock architecture of this place has attracted the attention of any archeologists. As many historians agree, Kharbas cave has been the temple or a worshiping place for the followers of Mithraism or either the temple of Anahita, the goddess of water and seas.

Harra Forest:
Harra Forest of Iran - Forests of Iran
Harra Forest of Qeshm Island is the first geo park in Iran and is one of the most amazing ecotourism attractions. Hara forests cover about 2000 sq/m of the island. The trees are surrounded by water in special times of the day and only the top of the trees can be seen. but when the water goes down again the tree trunks become visible. There are boats to take the visitors through the forest trees.

Hormoz Island:
Hormoz Island - Islans of Iran
Hormoz Island is one of the small islands located in the strait of Hormoz in Persian Gulf and belongs to the province of Hormozgan. The total area of the island measures 46 square km.
There is an old castle in this island that was built in the 16th century by the order of the Portuguese commander when the islands of Persian Gulf were under the rule of the Portuguese. The commander had the locals build this castle with red stones of the area and the red color of the castle is the specific feature that has made it more impressive and attractive.
There are several other Portuguese castles in the southern cities and islands of Iran.

Hengam Island:
Hengam Island - Islands of Iran
One of the smallest islands of Persian Gulf is Hengam Island that is 2km south of Qeshm and can be easily seen from Qeshm southern seashores. The area of this island is about 36600 square meters. There are only few families still living in Hengam. However, there are some tourist attractions such as the English harbor buildings and the wrecks of a Portuguese ship. Also the marine life around Hengam can be appealing for tourists where they can see small sharks, dolphins, turtles, etc.Read more

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