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General Information about Yazd
Travel to Iran to Visit Yazd Tourist Attractions

Yazd is located almost 270 km south east of Isfahan and with a growing population of approximately 560,000 inhabitants,  it attracts more people to live in this city. The altitude of Yazd is approximately 1210m above sea level. There are high mountains to the south of the city and Taft area where lots of Yazdi people take short trips to spend hot summer days or weekends in this moderate area. The city itself is very hot and dry in summer due to its location which is between two main deserts of Dasht-e Kavir and the Kavir-e-Lut.

Traditionally Yazd has been famous for Termeh, the brocades made with Iranian patterns and sold them to the travelers who passed by this city. The ancient caravan routes went through Yazd since long time ago and people were more involved in trade than agriculture. Zoroastrians pay special attention to farming and the farmers were actually working in adjacent villages at foothills and close to the sources of water devised by kariz system.
Today a lot of tile and porcelain factories are operating outside Yazd attracting laborers and producing good quality products for domestic as well as international markets.

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