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Map of Kerman
is located on a high margin of Kavir-e Lut (Lut Desert) in the central south of Iran. The city is surrounded by mountains. Kerman is also located along the Saheb Al Zman mountain .The city is 1,755 m (5,758 ft) above sea level that makes it the third capital city(of a province) in Iran with the highest Elevation. Winter has very cold nights in Kerman. Mountains in the South and South East Jftan Joopar and Plvar and Kerman have snow all year round. Kerman is located at latitude 30.29 and longitude 57.06 .with an area of 175,069 square kilometers, Kerman is one of the largest province of Iran, and it includes 11% of the total area of the country. It is located on the south-east part of Iran and its main cities and towns are: Kerman ( the provincial capital ), Bam, Baft, Bardseer, Giroft, Kahnooj, Shahr-e-Babak, Syrjan, Rafsanjan and Zarand.According to the 1996 census, the population of the province was 2,004,000 which from 52.9% were urban dwellers 46% villagers and the remaining 1.1% were registered as nomad tribes. Urbanization rate was recorded in the county of Kerman as the highest in the Province with 79.9%, because of the city of Kerman itself which is the most developed and the largest in the province.

The mountainous area of the Province ia a part of the central mountains of the country and they are formed by some old volcanic highlands which starts from Azarbaijan, on the north-west of the country and sends in Balouchestan. Between mountain chains of the region there are many plains. Bashagerd and Koohbanan mountains are the highest in the region, while there are some famous peaks such as Toghrol, Aljerd, Syrach, Abareq and Tahrood. There are some others peaks located on the northern part of the province e.g. Medvar, Shahre-Babak, Koohpange, Cheheltan, Lalezaar and Hezarbahr Aseman.
The climate of the province is varying because of the extreme Geographical diversity of the region. On the north, north-west and central parts of the province it is dry and moderate, while the weather in the south and the south-east is very hot and relatively humid. In the center of the province where the city of Kerman is located, the weather is arid and semi-moderate, and the average temperature is 39.6 C, and the lowest was recorded at -7 C. the temperature average of the province during the spring ( from april till june), has been recorded to be between 20 - 25 C. There for Spring is the Best season to travel to the province and to enjoy visiting its many historical and natural sites. Natural attraction of the province of Kerman is significant for its varieties. Mineral springs provide beautiful natural views, and there are many beautiful places worth to see. Many green spaces, marvelous peaks, natural lakes and pools and many protected fields alongside the beautiful desert sites can be identified as the natural beauties and tourism attraction of the province. A brief glance at the tourism sector of the province will be enough to demonstrate the natural and historical tourism potentials of Kerman.

The history of the people of this province goes to 4000 BC, which turns the region into a historical site as a whole. During its long history, a valuable collection of historical and cultural heritage have been gathered there, which constitutes a valuable part of the Persian Civilization and deserves attention of tourists. Every historical space in today Kerman reveals, their local government and structure of local communities.