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Sirri Island - Islands of Iran
Siri Island or Sirri Island
, is an island in the Persian Gulf belonging to Iran.
Siri Island  is an Iranian island in the Persian Gulf which is situated 76 km from Bandar-e Lengeh and 50 km west of Abu Musa island. The island is one of six in the Abu Musa Island Group (and is part of Hormozgan province). The island is almost 5.6 kilometers long with a width of about 3 kilometers. It covers an area of 17.3 km². The highest point on the island is 33m above sea level. Like the other islands in the Persian Gulf it enjoys a warm and humid climate.
Siri Island - Islands of Iran
Sirri Island is the location of an oil platform that was once destroyed by the naval forces of the United States during Operation Praying Mantis on April 18, 1988. The platform was reconstructed later, after the war.