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Nazz Islands - Islands of Iran
The Nazz Islands are located at the south wing of Qeshm Island. Oysters, corals, colorful fishes and sea birds in these islands attract many tourists. It is possible to walk toward the island on soft and wet gravel through a gravel connection way between these islands and Qeshm at the time of the ebb.

Naaz Islands - Islands of Iran
Naaz Islands in Qeshm is set to emerge as one of the important tourist destinations in Iran.The island is located almost one km to the east of Qeshm Island and expands over three hectares but lacks sandy coasts.
It is surrounded by cliffs rising close to 10 meters. The island is totally flat and when there is a low tide, a narrow patch of land connects Naz to Qeshm Island.
Presently there are no dwellers on the island and local fishermen have built arbors there as temporary resting places.
The island becomes more picturesque after sunset.
It is about 2 meters higher than sea level. It is a small island and one can walk the 2-km distance during low tide. When it is high tide, the island is surrounded by water and tourists have to wait until the low tide arrives.