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Shemshak ski piste - Iran ski pistes
is a ski resort situated to the northeast of Tehran in the Alborz mountain range.Shemshak is the second largest ski area in Iran after Dizin and came into operation in 1958. It includes two ski lifts, three dish teleskis and two Hammer teleskis.The slopes lie at an altitude of 2550m to 3050m above sea level. The resort includes two main slopes each with a chair lift that apex at the top and several lifts. There are also lighting facilities for night skiing.
Shemshak has classically catered to more advanced skiers while Dizin has drawn beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers. The slopes are quite steep and many of the runs are mogul runs.Shemshak is conveniently situated just about 55 minutes drive from Tehran, 10 km from middle-slope parking of Dizin and 5 km from Darband-Sar ski resort.

Get in
An early morning taxi should be about 150,000 IR one way. If you are only skiing for the day, ensure that the driver takes you all the way to the ski hire shops near the entrance (as the main road is quite steep). Look out for the Super Star burger outlet, about 100m down from the ski field entrance.
There are rumors of public transport (savaris and minibuses), although these do not seem to depart from Tehran's Eastern Bus Terminal as suggested by the most recent edition of the Iran Lonely Planet. A knowledgeable young local may be able to assist. Get aroundShemshak is compact enough to get around on foot, although the main village road is a little steep and can get covered in ice and mud.Good footwear is advised.

You're obviously here for the snow, right? Shemshak is far less crowded than Dizin, although is smaller and caters more to more advanced skiers (and some snowboarders).Currently, a lift daily lift pass (the only ticket option) is 150,000 IR. Trail maps seem rather scarce, although a number of websites have produced their own (see, for example, snow-forecast.com).Rental prices vary, but a decent set of skis, boots and poles can be found from 600,000 IR. Quality varies widely, so it pays to look around first. Surprisingly, the smaller rental operators closest to the main entrance seem to have better equipment and prices.

Options are fairly limited, although there are "Boof" (McDonalds + KFC) and "Super Star" (Hardees + KFC) fast food outlets. Both are located along the main road that passes the main entrance of the ski field.
A small bakery is located between these two fast food outlets, although it tends to only operate until around the early afternoon

Officially alcohol is illegal in Iran, so a crowded tea den constitutes the extent of the public après ski scene.However, your experience may vary considerably if you are staying in Shemshak for a while and meet some younger Iranians.Sierra Shemshak, Shemshak (Downtown). 7:00-24:00. Sierra Shemshak is a commercial / residential complex located right beneath the ski resort. They offer fast food (KFC, Pizza Hut, Carls Jr / Hardees) and a gourmet restaurant / cafe on the third floor with a beautiful balcony. I highly recommend this place. It's great for both winters and summers. I couldn’t believe such a place existed 50 minutes out side of Tehran. I almost felt like I wasn’t in Iran (which is a blessing after dealing with traffic and mayhem that defines Tehran).

There is only one official hotel in Shemshak:
 Shemshak ITTIC Inn (The Shemshak Hotel), Fasham Rood Bar Ghasran (Located along the main road from the ski field, about 400m downhill and up a set of icy steps), ☎ +98 221 3552260 / +98 221 3552261 (fax: +98 221 3552912). checkout: 2:00 pm. .The hotel has a range of rooms from comfortable singles and twins to more expensive "suites". Bathrooms are clean and equipped with Western-style toilets. Prices may be somewhat negotiable in quieter times, but bookings are advised, especially if you intend to secure one of the only two single rooms. The hotel's service seems to vary depending on whom is on duty. Single (270,000 IR), Twin (400,000 IR).
Some travel guides also discuss the possibility of apartment rental in Shemshak. Given the large number of apartments (completed or under construction) this would be a better option for larger groups. Local agents do not seem to advertise, although reputable travel agents in Tehran may be able to assist.
Sierra Shemshak. After a long day of hiking and a nice meal on the balcony at the Balcony, I found it hard to leave the peace and quite for smog and traffic. Sometimes the owners of the residential units are willing to rent out their units. Call 011 98 21 265-27676 and ask them if anyone has a furnished unit for rent. This building is just a big ball of pleasant surprises.