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Kerman Historical Caravansaries
The caravansaries of Iran are relics from the past and display a traditional architecture of the times. These structures besides being temporary resting areas or similar to inns for weary travelers, were also a political, economical and social axis. Alike the other provinces of Iran, the Province of Kerman too, has its own share of this valuable and historical vestige.

Chahar Souq Caravansary, Kerman
The said caravansary is located in the Saraji Bazaar near Ganj Ali Khan. This caravansary has two entrances, one leads to the Saraji Bazaar and the other opens out into the Qal'eh Bazaar. This caravansary is a double storied building.

 Golshan Inn, Kerman
This structure is situated in the Ekhtiyari Bazaar. The ground floor has 50 chambers, whereas the upper floor comprises of 37 chambers. The same was repaired in the year 1370 A.H.

 Hindu Caravansary, Kerman
This double storied caravansary was constructed by Haj Seyed Javad, the Friday prayer leader of the time, in the year 1771 A.D. It was named due to presence of Indians and their activities during the Qajar reign. There is a relic of a Hindu Temple with its original architecture to the north of this caravansary which comprises of two sections.

 Lahafdooziha Caravansary, Kerman
The same is also known as the Deymari Caravansary and is situated alongside the bazaar. This caravansary has 12 chambers which are utilized by quilt makers. The said caravansary dates back to approximately a century.

 Mirza Hassan Caravansary, Kerman
It is one of the oblong caravansaries of Kerman, which is a two storied structure. This traditional caravansary has 55 chambers. One of its entrances lead to the gold smith section of the bazaar, and the other two entrances give way to other parts of the bazaar.

 Vakil Caravansary, Kerman
This double storied traditional caravansary is located in the Vakil Bazaar of Kerman. Its construction began under the orders of Mohammad Esmail Khan Vakil-ol-Molk, and was completed in the times of Morteza Qoli Khan in the year 1287 A.H. Eighty one chambers were constructed on the ground floor, and thirty nine on the upper floor. The structure is adorned with plaster and tile works.

Other Caravansaries, Kerman
Other caravansaries of the province are named as Mirza Ali Naqi, Haj Mehdi, Aqa Ali, Haj Aqa Abdollah, Ganj Ali Khan, Sardar, Jur, Teemcheh-ye-Lahafdoozha and Kuzehgarha Caravansaries in Kerman. Sang Nou and Khaneh Sorkh Caravansaries on Kerman - Sirjan Road, Surach and Harrooz Abad Caravansaries on Kerman - Ravar Road, Qal'eh Cheshmeh Caravansary on the Bam - Zahedan Road, Chah Karoo and Robat Caravansaries on Kerman - Mashad Road, Mahan Caravansary on Kerman - Mahan Road, Baqein Caravansary on Rafsanjan - Kerman Road, and Khorgur Caravansary on Kerman - Sirjan Road.