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Yazd Ashkaft Yazdan Cave
This cave is located near the village ‘Hafthar’ in a high mountain called Shegeft. Due to its impassable path, in 9th century AD, and the early arrival of Muslims to Iran, Zoroastrians, in order to preserve their sacred fire, they moved it to cave, where it was kept for 30 years.
Cave is located 70 km from Ardakan in Yazd  city. The cave entrance is difficult to go, but the cave has a large area. The first thing that attracts attention, are the handmade laver that one of them is completely destroyed.
The cave consists of 3 lavers, in which the water that have been dripping from the ceiling were collected, but unfortunately the stupid people have dogged them to find treasure.
The ashes of the fire shows, the life of Zoroastrian in this cave. One of the Zoroastrian symbol has been preserved. They stand in front of fire, to worship god.
Every year Indian Zoroastrian comes to visit this place, and spend one night here. Shahryar well that is near this cave is the only place in which you can find water.