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Every year, lots of international travelers visit Yazd tourist attractions inside the city and spend at least one full day exploring the beauty of its local architecture.

Yazd Friday Mosque: This is the grand congregational mosque of 14th century built by well-known Yazdi architects. It has the tallest minarets in Iran.

Mirchaqmaq Tekieh: This is the mourning structure used by Shiite mourners who commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Hossein, Fatima, etc by sitting in its cells and watching the religious passion play and the mourners’ parade in front of the structure.

Water Museum: Affiliated to the water organization, this museum showcases how water has been supplied using various tools, methods and traditions. This is probably the best museum of water in the entire country with this topic.

Varahram Fire Temple: The most famous fire temple of Zoroastrians, Varahram is widely known for the age of its fire, which is approximately 1500 years old and never extinguished.

Towers of Silence: Known as Dakhmeh, they are the high places surrounded by a wall on top of the hills where people’s corpse used to be disposed to the vultures to be eaten by them.

Fahadan Residential Quarter: This is the oldest part of the city where houses are made of sun-dried bricks and walls are made of mud and straw. Some of the oldest monuments of the city are found here.

Boqeh 12 Imams: This is the oldest structure in Yazd still standing as a memorial building constructed approximately 900 years ago in honor of 12 Imams of Shiites.

Alexander/Harun Prison: This is actually a 14th century school (madrasah) with relatively plain decoration. The real name is Zia’ieh, but it is called a prison because of the octagonal pit below the level of its courtyard that looks like a dungeon.

Dolat Abad Garden: This is a typical Persian Garden that used to be the house of Yazd governor in 18th century with the tallest wind catcher of yazd, 22m.