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Baluchi Tribes in Iran-Nomads of Iran
Originating in Khorassan, the northeastern province of Iran, they are scattered and live in the Mokran region far southeast of the country, a vast area from the Pakistan border to the Iranian deserts. Their language is pure Persian. Nowaday mainly settled in urban centers such as Zahedan, the Baluch tribes consist of many different smaller tribes, making their living out of camel herding and agriculture.

Baluch are Sunnis. They have their own distinct language, culture and history that make them different from other minorities in Iran. Their language, values and traditions are among the oldest and most constructive in the region but it is subjected to assimilation and elimination by Iranian rulers

Population and geography
The Baluchistan of Iran has an area of about 182,000 km². The population of Baluch people in Iran is about 2.2 million. They live mainly in the province of Baluchistan, and also in some regions of Kerman, Hormozgan. The province is the largest in Iran. The main cities of the province are Iran-Shahr, Chabahar, Khash, Zabol (Sistan), Zahedan, Saravan, and Nik-Shahr

A brief history
The Baluch people have rescued Iran twice from foreign occupation: once when the Baloch Parthians defeated the successors of Alexander and once when Yackob Leis Saffari defeated the Islamic Caliph and declared the independence of Iran.  Baluchistan has given the region three extraordinary historical presents: Rostam, the national hero of Iran in the region, Zoroastrian philosophy and the Persian language.

Geopolitical importance
Baluchistan is located on the northern part of Hormoz Straight at the eastern part of Persian Gulf.  40% of oil of the world is shipped through straight of Hormoz. Both Pakistan and Iran are competing to connect Central Asian countries to sea through Baluchistan.

Commercial importance
Iran is considering constructing a gas pipeline through Baluchistan to export gas to Pakistan and India.  Pakistan's main ports are in Baluchistan.  Iran is trying to develop the port of Chabahar in Baluchistan to shorten the root of the ships that carry different products to Iran.  It also tries to build highways to promote trade in the eastern part of Iran, Afghanistan and Central Asian countries