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fin Bathhouse in Kashan Iran-Historical Bathhouses of Iran
Finn bathroom
Kashan historical baths,are magnificentmonuments which praised by interior and exterior tourists in safavid period. Finn bath located in kashan finn garden which is famous because of amirkabir qajar’s nasir din shah chancellor murder. Bath water warms with tone,tone placed in middle of treasury(reservoir) and light up firewood under tone. On the tone in reservoir floor there is a copper sheet which when this copper foil warmed up,it heated reservoir water to 40 degrees,bathroom space warm up with channels which built under bath floor and connected to the tone. Tone smoke directed with this section to the ceiling. Bathroom lighting was provided through the holes in the roof which these holes have Majdi glasses that have two properties : 1.light up twice even in cloudy days and 2. The view from bath top roof was disrupted. Finn garden complex established in unesco world heritage in 2002.