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Shiraz Ilkhani Garden
Ilkhani garden
is one of the Mohammad Gholi Khan’s monuments in Shah square quarter ( N Bibi Dokhtaran  mausoleum) . The garden  is one of the  Qajar  green spaces and has an old and beautiful  construction . At present time the west wing of the main construction has remained as the original condition with 3,500 sq. m. area . There is a small garden in the west wing of 3,000 sq. m. where there is a gazebo.
The construction has a portico with two columns in the middle ; in the behind there is a relatively big saloon with five doors and a room above it . There are two corridors with two delicate Gooshvarehs (Small latl or side-room adjoining a large central one) on both sides of the portico ; there are three and four rooms in the north and south wings of the portico , respectively . Also the construction has a basement of 14 rooms . Like most of Zand and Qajar buildings the middle portico has two stony columns and a flat roof . The portico columns are of nice monolith torsade-form stone . The path between the columns is vaulted . One of the southern rooms of the garden is known as the Aeinehkari (Decorated with mirrors) and is made of paintings and woodwork on the door and windows and  beautiful plaster work.