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Saint Abraham's Church (Persian: کلیسای حضرت ابراهیم} is a Dominican catholic church in Tehran, Iran.
Rosary House In 1962 the Vatican asked the Dominican Order to come once again to Iran. The Dominican Province of Ireland agreed to establish a community in Tehran. Father William Barden (who later became Archbishop) was the first to arrive and was soon joined by Father Hugh Brennan. They rented a house near Tehran University in Professor Brown Street. Like the former house in Isfahan they dedicated it to "Our Lady of the Rosary" and it was known as "Rosary House." On May 23rd 1966 the new Dominican House and Church of Saint Abraham was opened in Jamalzadeh Shomali Street, Tehran.
The church was dedicated to Saint Abraham. Abraham is Father in Faith of the 3 religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. By choosing Abraham as the patron of the Church, the Dominicans showed their desire that it would become a place of study, encounter, and understanding between people of different faiths.