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Asalem Forest Gilan - Forests of Iran
Forest path of Khalkhal to Asalem is a beautiful hiking trails in the north of Iran, which every year attracts many enthusiasts. It's located between Khalkhal (City in Ardebil Province) and Asalem (City in Gilan Province) and about 32 km (20ml).

Winding path which connect Asalem and Khalkhal in two province of Gilan and Ardabil is the most beautiful road in Iran.
Pristine and untouched nature , wild beauties, traditional lifestyle of indigenous people , production of pure honey, existing of waterfalls and lakes, vast plains rare flowers and plants , are among the unique features of this beautiful road.
Tourists can see all of this spectacular in a 70 km road. Half way is forest and another half is Taleshan country side. Since it is a mountainous road, the weather even in summer is very cool.
In cold season, due to rainfall, traffic on this road is too difficult.
Some of its local places:
Kharjgir, Sharshar, Shondol, Maadan ,Vargeh valley , Asbvany , Matesh, Larzarel, Cheresu, Kerman, famous pass called diamond, Majareh, Khujin.
Green foothills, white herds of sheep moving, country side and rural landscape, wooden house, valleys of white fogs, the mass of tall trees and the shadow that darken the road , are all the beauties of this road.
Locals believe that, even the cultural heritage organization, is unaware of many natural attractions of this road.
There is a warm water called “ Kivi “, unlike many cities that have warm water, it doesn`t have many tourist. Those who travel to this road can go into the jungle from the “Nahalestan Pirsoon” way and move over this charming area to the peak, to reach a valley called Nobility, where its beauty and charm is perfect, like heaven or paradise.