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Sarayan Caravanserai- Caravanseraies of Iran

Introduction: Sarayan Caravanserai(Persian:کاروانسرای سرایان)
Location: Sarayan City, Birjand city, Khorasan-e-Jonobi (south Khorasan) province.

National Register No: 8733; Age: Safavid era; Location: Inside the city of Sarayan
The caravanserai is a two-portico building and its architectural spaces are: an entrance located at the southern side, with gable vault and karbandi decorations; a vestibule leading to minor rooms on the both sides and the courtyard in the front; several cells for the repose of caravans; two porches on the northern and southern sides; and a stable located behind the porch and northern cells. Sarayan Caravanserai is a monument related to Safavid era and is known as Rabat-e Shah "Abbasi".

How to get there:
1- Go to South or East terminal of buses in Tehran
2- Take a bus ticket to Birjand (11-13 hours in bus)(Distance from Tehran City to Birjand is 1186 Km)
3- Take a taxi from Birjand to Sarayan City.(Distance from Birjand City to Sarayan City is 160 Km)
Nearest airport: Birjand airport
Nearest train station: No station less than 100 km

Ab-Anbar of Caravanserai
Ab Anbar of Sarayan Caravan
National Register No: 8736; Age: Safavid era, Location: Sarayan City
The Ab-Anbar, along with the caravanserai, the bathroom, and the market, constitute a cultural complex. Its architectural elements include entrance transom, stairway, pashir (dispenser), and water tank. The entrance transom has a gable vault and Rasmibandi decorations. The technique used in the stairway is that of barrel and then comes the space for pashir and water tank. The monument belongs to Safavid period and the main materials used in it are bricks, plaster, and mortar.