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Asfak Caravansary - Caravansaries of Iran
Location: Asfak village,Boshrooyeh City, Razavi Khorasan province
Introduction: Asfak Caravansary (Persian:کاروانسرا اصفاک بشرویه)
Best time to visit: Spring is a best time

Asfak Caravansary-Caravansaries of Iran
The facade of the building is located at the heart of its northern side. Some berms are located at the two sides of the entry which has an ogee arch. Upon passing the door a vestibule with a high and glorious domical roof and marvelous brick works is seen. Around the vestibule several berms are placed which belong to the head of the caravan. For the ease of access each berm is connected to the roof and its enclosed room through a separate staircase. Cubbies are built around the arch leading to the yard. The caravansary yard is a wide and rectangular yard surrounded by corridors and rooms with porches facing the yard.
The porch in front of the yard door is exactly similar to the porch in front of. However, it is wider and higher that the porch next to it. The space under the porch, which is only available to the special guests and passengers, is a corridor surrounded by arcades and shelves. In the middle of the eastern and western sides of the building corridors an ordinary arc (similar to other porches) is seen with two smaller arcs next to it. It seems that this place is the public living place of the caravansary. Caravansaries had been places for the exchange of thoughts and ideas and discussions about social issues, memories, customs, and religious issues of different peoples.

Asfak Caravansary-Caravansaries of Iran

How to get there:
1- Go to east terminal of buses in Tehran
2- Take a bus ticket to Boshrooyeh City.(Distance from Tehran to Boshrooyeh City is 1070 Km)
3- Take a taxi to Asfak village.
Nearest airport: No airport less than 100 km
Nearest train station: No station less than 100 km