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Darbandsar ski piste - Iran ski pistes
Darbandsar ski piste
is the newest ski piste built around Tehran in 1983. you can enjoy skiing from November to April in Darbandsar, 60 km far from Tehran & if you need to learn some, there is a professional ski school right there.
Lowest point of the piste has an altitude of 2600 m and the highest one is 3050 m high
Darbandsar ski resort is one of the newest ski resorts in the country which is run by a private company. It is located 60 km to the north east of Tehran. The altitude is from 2650 – 3150 meter high. This ski resort is less crowded than other and offers variety of skiing activities and winter sports such as mountain climbing, ice climbing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, off-piste skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, etc. Besides, there is a professional ski school to learn skiing.
Darbandsar ski resort is one of the 7 ski resorts around Tehran. It is located on the north face of Mt. Kashoolak (3650m). The base elevation is 2620m and the top elevation is 3150m. There are 2 chairlifts and 3 drag lifts in this resort. This is the second most challenging resort in the region after the one in Shemshak. Like Shemshak there are some nice areas for off-piste skiing. It is also possible to ski from Dizin ski resort to Darbandsar.
When you are on the top, the view is spectacular. Mt Koloonbastak (4160m) and Mt. Sarakchal (4220m) and the ridge in between look majestic. The whole area is a heaven for extreme skiers