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Isfahan Industry
The City of Isfahan

Amongst Iranian cities Isfahan is a unique jewel that still has a noble and fascinating shining after many historical fluctuations and the passage of several centuries. It is so fresh as if it has come to life on this very day; and yet it is so original and deep rooted as if it has always been there.
Isfahan's rich culture and beautiful nature are in such a wonderful harmony that they seem to be each other's reflection.
Isfahan may be a complete manifestation of the Iranian-Islamic civilization, culture and arts that are as old as Iran herself.
The city of Isfahan links an age-old fruitful past to the lively and energetic world of today.
Isfahan has undergone an eye-catching growth and development in recent decades. It has found the face of a modern city with its increasing population, expanding area and new streets, buildings and factories.
Isfahan province is one of the greatest industrial poles of the country thanks to the major industrial plants that are located in this province. They include Isfahan Steel Mill, Mobarakeh Steel Complex, Isfahan oil refinery, petrochemical plants, cement mills, huge power generation plants, the Polyacryl plant, scores of industrial townships and several textile factories that count for 40% of the country's textile industry.
Isfahan province has also a special status in the country as far as agricultural output is concerned.
Another activity by the industrious people of Isfahan is the production of handicrafts. Major academic institutes like Isfahan University of Technology, Isfahan University, the University of Medical Sciences, Pardis University of Arts, and several campuses of Payam Nur and Islamic Azad University in various cities of the province have given a special cultural and academic importance to Isfahan.
Isfahan may also be well named the city of Iranian handicrafts and traditional arts. Carpet weaving, engraving, miniature painting, inlaid work, tile making, brocade, calico and enamelwork are among the most important forms of art in Isfahan.
Due to its high potentials and arts, it can be said that ISFAHAN is a Museum Where People Live in.