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Geography and climate
Isfahan province is located at the centre of Islamic Republic of Iran. Total area of Isfahan province is 106179 square kilometers, about 6.25 percent of whole Iran ’s area.
The city is located in the lush Zayandeh Roud River plain of foothills of the Zagros Mountains Range . Isfahan is about 1580 meters high from the sea level. It has a mild climate.Isfahan is located at the edge of desert. Desert is situated at the east and north of Isfahan .
The Zagrous Range of mountains is located at the west and south of Isfahan . Zayandeh Roud River is the main source and element of Isfahan ’s development and beauty. The river rises from eastern slopes of Zagros Range of mountains.

The city is located in the lush plain of the Zayandeh River, at the foothills of the Zagros mountain range. No geological obstacles exist within 90 kilometres (56 miles) north of Isfahan, allowing cool northern winds to blow from this direction. Situated at 1,590 metres (5,217 ft) above sea level on the eastern side of the Zagros Mountains, Isfahan has an arid climate (Köppen BWk). Despite its altitude, Isfahan remains very hot during the summer with maxima typically around 36 °C (97 °F). However, with low humidity and moderate temperatures at night, the climate can be very pleasant. During the winter, days are mild while nights can be very cold. Snow has occurred at least once every winter except 1986/1987 and 1989/1990.