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Shour Mast Lake
Although small, the Shour-Mast Lakes is the biggest tourist attraction in the Savad Kouh village, 6 kilometers (3.7 miles) east of the town of Pol-Sefid.
The lake's surface area is no more than 15 square kilometers (5.7 square miles) and it is 5.5 meters (18 feet) deep.
The Shour-Mast Lake is surrounded by very tall and old Alder trees. a coal mine, the historic Veresk Bridge, the Abdulhaq Shrine, the Lajim historic towers and many other great landscapes are located not far from the lake.
It is easily accessible since it is situated on one of the main roads connecting the capital city of Tehran with the northern "Green Strip."
Since the Shour-Mast Lake is close to a number of villages and towns, finding accommodation is not that difficult of a task.