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Zaribar Lake
Lake Zarivar , also known as Zeribar or Zrewar , is a lake in western Iran. The name is composed of zrê ("sea") and the suffix -bar (which in Kurdish means "lake").
The lake is situated in the Iranian province of Kordestan west of Marivan . This lake is situated at an altitude of 1,285 m. from sea level, and its width and length being 2 and 4.5 km. respectively. It has fresh water and the activity of springs at the bottom of the lake supplies it's water. The location of the city of Marivan and the Zarivar Lake bounded in different directions by dense and partly dense forests creates a very beautiful view. On a small hill in the eastern part there is a tourist guesthouse.
Zeribar Lake is a major touristic attraction in the region.There is a great deal of folklore about the origins of this lake amongst the Kurdish people of the area.