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Bam Castle

Iran had recently a bad earthquake in its west,...earthquake...and ...But,...almost 12 years ago...A powerful earthquake destroys historic Silk Road city Bam, Iran - December 26 2003, 5:27 AM,killing over 43,000 people,injured 20,000,left 60,000 homeless and destroyed much of the city of Bam and the old Bam citadel.The enormous and old citadel of Bam (Arg-e Bam)is recorded by Unesco as a World Heritage Site.Bam Citadel was one of the largest adobe structures in the world and one of the most beautiful historical sites in Iran, which dates back to 2000 years ago.Unfortunately, more than 80 percent of this magnificent citadel collapsed when a massive earthquake hit the region.The existence of life in the oasis was based onthe underground irrigation canals, the qanāts, of which Bam has preserved some of the earliest evidence in Iran.The Citadel of Bam is the most representative example of a fortified medieval town built in vernacular technique using mud layers.