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Bampour castel (Qale Bampour) in Sistan and Balochistan province
The province is part of an ancient monument is a collection of material and spiritual history of this land so far away most of her breast is preserved.  In more literary and historical sources of Sistan is mentioned.
Iranshahr 22 km West of the river and the mountains of northeastern Iranshahr importance stemmed from the South West Bmpvr and finally flows into the plain shelf.
510 meters above sea level that Bmpvr plains area and elevations of about 1,700 meters south of its land is covered.  It is generally warm and relatively humid climate is a major export center for dates, vegetables and grains is considered.
Bmpvr is composed of several interconnected village.  Detailed information is available from the city's history and reputation of this place because Bampour castel that belongs to the Sassanian era.
The castle, which is located 24 km West Iranshahr and near the city, as well as the most famous and most important fortress in the hills of Baluchistan is an artificially built in the province.
 Although the Baloch people believe that this castle was built by Nadir Shah Afshar, however rare, to build a fort in the area, but it is more primordial building
 "Patynjr" a global, European and (specialist Qla military) in 1810 AD, a trip to the regions has, in his visit to Bampour castel, the praise of the fort, the construction site where he writes: "The legend and narrative folk The people of Balochistan, suggests that a great military commander, ordered his cavalry to pass this way from the dirt and mud to fill Tvbrh horses and wreck.  The number of riders was so great that when the soil Anbashtnd on time, stayed on a hill. "
The above story seems a little exaggerated, but an overview of the geographical dimension of the hill, you indicate that soil from other areas to build a castle on this hill, has been moved.

 Research conducted in Bampour castel
The castle dates back to the Sassanid era, according to some historical sources and monuments in a row today, Iran has been registered.  Bampour castel in the most stable one of the havens of Baluchistan.
 About Hill and Castle, situated on the research of many decisions, including Francois Balsany, met French President Academy of the sea by the French in 1335 than Bampour castel view that says: "The works Bampour castel to According to experts, the Louvre in France, is at least aware of the Sassanian period. "
 Beatrice Dvkardy doctor, researcher, and in 1966 the English archaeologist who has conducted studies in this area.
 "The objects and containers obtained in the ancient hill Bmpvr Historically, the land of Baluchistan in western civilization in this region proves, that the civilization of Western civilization as a mediator between Iran and Pakistan is the ancient civilization.  According to "Dvkardy" clay obtained in Bmpvr to 2700 years BC, and shows the location of the village has been gradually drying up.  While the former, it was very prosperous and has a large population in their place.  The similarity of the Sassanid monument Bampour castel with buildings like this castle and fortress of Bam in Kerman early history of this castle that shows you can take back to the Sassanid era.

Appellation Bmpvr
Some local legends in the appellation of Bahman (son of Esfandiar) know that the first of the Persian month Bahman Pour over time to become Bmpvr.  According to Iran, and many learned to rely on the historical books of the Old Ben Phl Alayam This place is called, which means the City is final.
 With the written works of the ancient name of this place's past time to the Phl Fhl bin, bin full, Bnfvr, Bnpvr, and pour into the Bam (Bompour) has been renamed the Persian-speakers today it mistakenly Bmpvr (bam pour) are pronounced.

Properties Bampour castel
The castles of the military, and had considerable importance to its strategic location would occasion the greatest influx of military troops to the resistance.  Therefore, it is clear that the establishment of the castle hill, not accidentally, because it overlooks the surrounding hills in a way that is impossible to guard one's eyes away from the attacker to be close Bampour castel.  So it seems to Bampour castel Qla the military and is considered important in Asia and the Middle East.
The castle in a strategic position, only about 2 km away from the river also has an interesting position.  Bampour castel in Baluchistan last refuge of the most stable states.  For this reason, many times at different times, and especially Qajar period was besieged and bombarded.  Aga Khan in 1257 insurgencies and neighborhoods and to support Muhammad Ali Khan (ruler Bmpvr) Shahsavan Habibullah Khan, Amir Qajar army artillery, the castle is raided.  In this period, the castle saw serious injuries but was not completely destroyed and will habitable.  In the year 1307 Hijri, a military force led by Gen. Amanullah Jahanbani ball close to the castle and thus, a historic castle became ruins.

 Profile Bampour castel
The castle was built in two pieces and the height, the two parts together are a Sun.  Down in the courtyard entrance on the eastern wall of the tower and its surrounding areas as well as a few.  In addition, horse stables and a tunnel to escape during the siege of the castle there is a possible takeover.  Upper part of the castle and the castle has been settled.  Down the long hill from the floor was more than enough to penetrate into the castle for the attackers to cause a long and steep hill, is not easy.  The walls surrounding the castle has had 10 defensive towers.
 Architectural characteristics of materials used in the raw clay brick castle was built on an artificial hill.  Western and eastern wall with towers at each vertex are cylindrical.
 Watch the turret to turret of the four, only two remain 2 m height.  Inside the castle, a row of rooms attached to the walls of the fortress have been different.  One of the wells inside the fort there.  The height of the artificial hills on which the castle is located 80 meters.

The castle is composed of three parts:
1 - the tail end of the original wall and gate input and output and a fort to protect the castle is composed of
2 - the middle part of the local houses and the fort have been.
 It consists of both East and West walls are far closer to each other and on the south side and southern side of the castle is the smallest side.  On each side of the cylindrical tower with ten towers were.  The largest tower Qtrsh eight steps to reach the ball has been in this location.
The main wall is in all rooms.  A courtyard garden in the southern room and rows of broken walls, there are several rooms.  In the top row of the organ is called a room together and they are surrounded with windows to the outside.
 Bampour castel, castle where all the majesty and unconquerable in his campaign at least once a bitter taste of defeat leg and once in every corner of the pitch which indicates its evocation of the Sassanids, it collapsed and dormant plant forgotten Each year the water, and wind desert sand and smooth joins.  But the greatness of his last round, the eyes of the viewer interested in their identity and heritage of the past draws