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Yazd Amir Chakhmagh Complex
In order to populate Yazd and with the cooperation of his wife, Fatemeh Khatoun, Amir Jalaledin Chakhmagh - one of the Shahrokh Teymuri's commanders and the governor of Yazd - has founded a complex including Tekieh (religious theatre), square, bath, caravansaries, monastery, pastry house, water well and, more important of all, Amir Chakhmagh mosque.    

Installed stone upon the threshold of the mosque face to the square, the incision of endowment deed in Naskh script, fine nets of mosaic tiles of outer circumference of prayer niche's dome, and main platform with stalactite worked vault have placed this mosque after Jaame' mosque from viewpoint of beauty. This monument has been named Now Jaame' Mosque, too. This complex has been founded in IC century