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Guilaks&Talash Tribes in Iran-Iranian Nomads
These tribes are among the most original tribes of Iran, speaking a pure Persian dialect and dwelling in the maritime provinces of Iran. Their number is dwindling, but one can still see the remnants of these stoic tribes in Tallish.

Who are Taleshian (Taleshi people)?
Taleshian are as one of the oldest inhabitants of Caspian Sea. The word Caspian is derived from the name of the Caspi (in Farsi کاسی), an ancient people with light skin and blue eyes that lived to the west of the sea in around Talysh Mountains for thousands of years
Taleshian have lived in Talesh land in old Persia and present Iran. Taleshian religion at present is Muslim, mostly Sunni and some Shia.
Taleshian speaks in Talyshi language as one of the Northwestern Iranian languages. It is spoken in the northern regions of the provinces of Gilan and Ardabil in Iran (Southern Taleshistan), and the southern parts of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Northern Taleshistan)
Guilaks / Talyshi / Taleshi Tribes in Iran
The geographical areas of Talesh land (Taleshistan) at present include where Taleshian people live for instance; in some cities in Gilan province, some cities in Ardabil province, and some cities in Azerbaijan Republic. Southern Taleshistan has been divided in two regions:
Gaskarat region: include cities such as following:
Talesh, Masaal, Taskoh, Shanderman, Rezvanshar, Hashtpar, Asalem, Asttara, and rural areas of the Eastern part of Ardabil and khal-khal.
Foumanat region: include cities such as following:
Fouman, Masoleh, Shaft, Some'e Sara, Anzali, Kapur-Chal.
There are no statistical data on the numbers of Talyshi-speakers in Iran officially, but estimates show their number to be about 690,000
The Azerbaijani’s State has also implemented a policy of forceful integration of all minorities, including Talyshi, Tat, Kurds and Lezgins