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Adob Castle of Rayen
Rayen Citadel is an adobe castle in Kerman province, Iran. This historical site is situated in the south-west of Rayen city and is considered the biggest earthen structure of Kerman province after Bam Citadel which was destroyed in an earthquake a few years ago ( December 2003 ). The monument dates back to the Sassanid era and covers a 20,000-square-meter area, remaining a symbol of the residential fortresses during the ancient times. Just like other fortresses, it consists of the public quarter and the aristocratic zone. The essential sectors such as Zoor khaneh (gymnasium for a traditional Persian sport), mosque, and stable can be seen in the citadel. Adobe is the main material used in its construction and the castle was inhabited until 150 years ago.The facade of the aristocratic zone of the castle is seen in this shot and in the WS you can see another view of it including a part of the public quarter.Read more