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Hoto Cave

The Huto ( Hoto ) and Kamarband Caves are famous archaeological sites, located 100 meters apart each other. These caves are located in the village of Tarujen (currently named as Shahid Abad), about 5 km south west of Behshahr, Mazandaran Province, southern Caspian Sea coast. The Caspian Sea is the world largest lake over 30 million years old. Some day it was connected to the Black Sea and was the residence of the first socialized men. The evidence of such residence along the southern coasts of the lake dates back to the Paleolithic era. A team of Philadelphia University archaeologists, in the years of 1949-1951, discovered human skeletons dating back to Paleolithic and Mesolithic ages suggesting human habitation of the area as early as 75,000 years ago. However, 400,000 year old stone tools were lately discovered in the nearby valley of Shuresh. It is planned to set up the first Iranian cave museum inside the caves. The museum concept is similar to cave museums in France and Britain.