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when to Go to Iran?
Determining the best time for travel to Iran is based on very local and personal factors; e.g. some people prefer to travel when the weather is not too hot, or sites too crowded - others prefer to travel to Iran when a traditional local event is taking place.
All seasons have their own attractions. Thanks to such a diverse geography, you can have all kinds of climates in any season in Iran.
Iran, Due to its vast territory, it has regions with different temperatures even at a specific period of time. In fact it offers all sorts of climates and conditions. Weather can be humid, dry, hot or cold depending on where you are.
July is Iran’s hottest month. The winter may also see substantial snowfall in certain regions. Spring and autumn are quite short seasons in Iran, between the heat of summer and the more changeable and often cold weather of winter. Winter temperature often falls below freezing especially in the mountains, while summers can be is usually hot.
In the northern coastal areas of the Caspian Sea climate is mild and damp. The southern parts and the Persian Gulf region have always a hotter climate than Central Iran but with pleasant winters. North West Iran is about 10- 15C cooler than the rest of Iran.
Therefore, because of these climatic diversities one can enjoy from winter sports while at the same time within a few hours of travel it is possible to swim in the warm waters of the Persian Gulf. In general, spring and autumn are the best time to visit Iran even if the weather may be a little uncertain with short lapses into either the cold of winter or the heat of summer. More accurate is mid-April to early June, and late September to early November. Also you can also relive the charming atmosphere in the Persian Gulf islands during January and February.
These are called the high seasons of tourism. In other months of the year, in some areas, there will be very hot or very cold for those who aren’t familiar with such extreme weather conditions.
If you would like to go skiing then you should plan your visit sometime between November and March.
The rose and rosewater festival takes place between April and June. The hunting season in Iran commences on 23 October and lasts until 19 February; however the high season of foreign hunters normally coincides with January holidays.
So, Depending on the season and the areas you plan to visit, you need to pack accordingly.