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 Gheisarieh Portal


This portal is located on the northern side of the Naqshe  Jahan square as the main gate to king's Bazaar. This great historical Bazaar is dated back to Safavid era (11th century A.D).
Some of the European explorers, such; as John Sharden describes the portal as An excellent tile-work porlel with two widespread platforms covered by Jasper and porphyry stone (a rough and hard stone). The Jewelers sit on these platform and spread their stuff like different Jewels, set of ornaments and rare coins to sell them.

The upper part of the portal, a decorated tile-work with a symbol of archery, demonstrates a half-body of a tiger along with human head and a dragon tail with paintings from Safavid era. The researchers believe that this is a symbol of Sagittarius and the Isfahan fortune which in fact refers to Isfahan manifestation.

This Bazaar which professionally connects Isfahan of Safavid era to Isfahan of Seljuk period, after 400 years it still has plenty of briskness and a variety of decorating goods and handy crafts along with other needed items are presented to all people and the tourists.